Teacher Support

For students who are currently registered with the D.E.A.L. Program.

If you would like to schedule a remediation session with your teacher or submit your assignments, please click teacher support and find your assigned teacher according to subject.


You may submit assignments online by scanning and emailing them to your teacher. 

In your email subject bar, provide your full name and course code. 

All scans must be clear or the teacher will not be able to correct them. 

You may also submit assignments in person at our centre or by mailing them to us at:

D.E.A.L Program

3711 de bullion

Montreal, QC H2X 3A2

Please allow 2-5 business days for corrections.

Teacher Support

The sessions are 20-30 minutes long and a maximum of 10 per module. 

The teacher does not teach the module as done in a traditional class. 

The purpose of the session is to set students back on track if there is a concept that is unclear, specific questions about your assignments or feedback on your exam.

The remediation session can be done in person, by phone, email, or virtually in TEAMS/ZOOM or Google.  

Please set an appointment with your teacher.