Frequently Asked Questions

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How D.E.A.L. works

Who can register for distance education?

Students must be 16 years or older (as of July 1 of the current school year) and live in Québec.


How do I find out what courses I need to complete my high school?

The Education Counsellor will look over your transcript of marks from the Ministry of Education. 


Do I have to write a placement test?

Individuals that have no Quebec or Canadian high school transcripts will now be required to pass each level for English, French and Math. Students will no longer be placed in a level, they will instead be given exams starting from Secondary 1 and if a passing mark is achieved, they can move into the next level. If the exam is failed, the student will begin at that level. 

When can I register?

You may register any day or month - D.E.A.L. is ongoing.


What are the fees?

There is a $25 registration fee plus the cost of books. There is no set fee as the price depends on what you are missing and how many modules you will have to complete.


What are the methods of payment?

If you are applying in person, we accept Debit or Credit (Visa or MasterCard). If you are applying by mail, we will contact you and the payment will be made by Credit (Visa or MasterCard). 


How long does it take to apply by mail?   

If you are applying by mail, please expect 2 weeks for registration, evaluation and shipment of books and materials. 


Do distance education courses give the same number of credits as courses taken in an adult education centre?

Once you have successfully passed your exam, you will be accredited for the assigned module. A transcript of marks from the Ministry of Education will be sent to you throughout the year.


What secondary distance education courses are available?

All compulsory courses (from Secondary 1 to 5) and a wide selection of option courses leading to a Secondary School Diploma are available through distance education.


Can I take more than one course?

You may take more than one course at a time. The Education Counsellor will discuss with you upon registration and together you will decide what is best.


Are the assignments mandatory?

The assignments must be completed and you must pass the assignments in order to write the exam. The assignments help you understand the material and help us evaluate you.


How much time do I have to complete the assignments?

You have a maximum of 6 months to complete your assignments. There is no minimum amount of time. If you surpass the 6 months, you will have to pay a $25 re-registration fee. Please note that you can only register two times with the D.E.A.L. Program.


How long does it take to correct the assignments?

Approximately 2-5 business days depending on when the assignments have been received. If you are mailing the assignments, please allow more time.


What do I do after the assignments are complete?

Once you have completed your assignments, there are three options:

If you obtain an average of 60% or above, then you can schedule your exam.


Is there a tutor available?

A tutor is available either in person, by phone, by email or virtually.


Can I obtain a Secondary School Diploma entirely through distance education courses?

Once you have earned all of the required credits, you will receive a Secondary School Diploma from the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement Supérieur (MEES).


How long does it take to obtain a Secondary School Diploma?

The time frame can vary considerably depending on the number of courses you need to complete and your personal pace of work.


Can I register in both distance education and courses offered in a school?

You may register for various modules through distance education or courses offered in a school.

Change of address? 

Fill in the Change of Address Form and email it to

How can I reach the D.E.A.L. Program?

Call: 514.798.8808 or 1.800.950.5552