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Distance Education for All Learners is an at home learning program recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES). D.E.A.L. offers courses to obtain a Secondary School Diploma or prerequisites without attending classes. 

Meet the TEAM


"DEAL allowed me to complete the English and French courses very quickly. Without prior local academic record, the most challenging part was scheduling time off work on weekdays to complete the multiple in-person placement tests. Teachers will grade and give feedback on assignments, exams are in-person, but the rest is self-study. You get to choose when and how much time to study. Apart from that, DEAL staff is helpful and the online SOFAD course resources are excellent".

- Pascal

"I am very happy that I finished my English Language Arts course and the credit goes to DEAL. DEAL helped me a lot with everything. In the beginning I thought everything would be hard, but DEAL made it very easy for me. I want to recommend DEAL to every student. Taking the English tutorials helped me a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all your help with everything".

-  Amandeep

"I did an online English course with DEAL and I had an awesome experience. The teachers are well grounded with knowledge, I was provided with the tools and support for my learning. I received prompt responses to all my enquiries. On exam days, I wrote my exams without stress and anxiety as the staff were present to answer my questions. DEAL was a good way to get those credits to advance in my career. I am grateful I followed that path".

- Elizabeth

"As an adult being out of school for 11 years, I decided to return. I was previously attending a different school after 6 months of struggle I found and transferred to DEAL June 2022. I can say it was the best choice that I made for myself. There's always someone in the office ready to help you with no delays, super polite. They will help you create a schedule so that you can finish school with no hidden delays. They will check to make sure you are still on track, which I loved. All the assignments are straightforward. Teachers are all hands down amazing because they get to the point so that you understand clearly. Also having the option of one on one when you need help. The exam room is super clean and never full so you can concentrate without being distracted. You don't need to rush anything because they give you enough time. They have some extra resources for your support if you need or qualify to use them. There's a parking lot you just need to ask for a parking pass and you have free parking - it's also located near Sherbrooke metro. I managed to accomplish 5 classes in 9 months. I would like to thank everyone who helped me in DEAL program".

- Natisha


- Gideon