Graduation Requirements

Time Allotted for Course Completion: The maximum time allowed for completing a course is six months. Three months are allowed for completing a placement test.

Certificate of Completion: Students who successfully complete their course will automatically receive a certificate of completion. Credits are granted in accordance with the procedures established by the Ministere de l'Education, du Loisir et du Sport.

In order to obtain a Quebec Secondary School diploma a student must have completed 54 credits.

The 54 credits are distributed as follows:

12 credits            Sec. IV and V First Language Tongue (English or French)

8 credits              Sec. IV and V Second Language (English or French)

4 credits              Sec. IV or V Mathematics

4 credits              Sec. IV or V in Mathematics, Science and Technology

4 credits              Sec. IV or V Social Universe (History, Geography or Citizenship)

22 credits            Sec. IV or V optional credits (at least 10 credits from Sec. V level.)


DEAL Courses

D.E.A.L offers all courses so that a person may obtain their Secondary School Diploma or pre-requisites at a distance.

We offer:

—  English:                      Secondary 1 to 5

—  French:                      Secondary 1 to 5

—  Math:                         Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 advanced

—  Sciences:                   Physical Science, Physics & Chemistry

—  Option Credits:          History, Social Studies, Computers, Social Development & Biology           


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