Graduation Requirements

Time Allotted for Course Completion: The maximum time allowed for completing a course is six months. Three months are allowed for completing a placement test.

Certificate of Completion: Students who successfully complete their course will automatically receive a certificate of completion. Credits are granted in accordance with the procedures established by the Ministere de l'Education, du Loisir et du Sport.

In order to obtain a Quebec Secondary School diploma a student must have completed 54 credits.

The 54 credits are distributed as follows:

12 credits            Sec. IV and V First Language Tongue (English or French)

8 credits              Sec. IV and V Second Language (English or French)

4 credits              Sec. IV or V Mathematics

4 credits              Sec. IV or V in Mathematics, Science and Technology

4 credits              Sec. IV or V Social Universe (History, Geography or Citizenship)

22 credits            Sec. IV or V optional credits (at least 10 credits from Sec. V level.)


DEAL Courses

D.E.A.L offers all courses so that a person may obtain their Secondary School Diploma or pre-requisites at a distance.

We offer:

—  English:                      Secondary 1 to 5

—  French:                      Secondary 1 to 5

—  Math:                         Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 advanced

—  Sciences:                   Physical Science, Physics & Chemistry

—  Option Credits:          History, Social Studies, Computers, Social Development & Biology           


N.B. Please note that the Ministry of Education will be implementing a new curriculum in adult education. Therefore all current Adult Education have until June 30th, 2018 to complete all remaining modules. After June 30th, 2018 students will be in the new system and may have to repeat courses if not all modules we complete before the deadline.

Please speak with our counsellor to have your profile evaluated.